Agriculture Banking

A foundation built on trust.
We have long-standing relationships with, and commitment to, the agriculture community in the markets we serve. We believe in establishing a lasting partnership with our customers and really understanding the operation's needs and goals. 

We make short-term and annual loans to finance the day-to-day expenses of operating your farm and ranch. Operating loans are tailored to match your normal production cycle. A credit line gives you the freedom of knowing you can access funds at any time to keep your operation running smoothly. Buy seed and feed, pay irrigation expenses, purchase crop insurance and more, while matching payments to the growing season. Benefits include:

  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced expenses
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Improved ability to take advantage of “early-season” purchase discounts

Frontier Bank offers a broad and flexible array of lending products to help you finance your machinery and equipment needs. We also offer lease terms which may be a better fit for the financial side of your operation. 
  • Modernize your equipment
  • Preserve cash flow
  • Fixed payments 
  • Competitive pricing  

Our agricultural lenders know and understand the real estate markets they serve. They will also take the time to understand your operation so that we can tailor a financial package that suits your needs.  Agricultural real estate loans are available with varying maturities and can be offered with short term or long term interest rates. We also have experience providing FSA guaranteed loans or interest assisted loans. We will work with you to structure a real estate loan that accomplishes all your goals and optimizes your operation.  An agriculture estate loan can be used for:

  • Farm expansion 
  • Capital improvements 
  • Re-balancing existing debt

Now more than ever, maintaining adequate insurance on everything from the family car to your crops is crucial to ensuring that you and your family are protected against a wide range of risks. Through our subsidiary, Frontier Insurance Services, LLC, we are able to offer a full line of insurance products, including life, property & casualty, and crop insurance, to help you protect your most important assets and to meet your financial needs.

Our expert lenders are here to answer all of your borrowing questions.  We can help you determine which loan is the best fit for you. 
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